Opening concert August 20th 2017 at 5 pm in the Uttwil church with Brigitte Meyer (piano), Hanna Weinmeister (violin), Christoph Schiller (viola) and Emil Rovner (violoncello)
CONCERT OF THE WINNERS 2016 October 15th 2017 at 5 pm at Festsaal Inselhotel Steigenberger Konstanz with Michelle Burri (saxophon) - Julia Stuller, Sylvain Rolland, Arhur Guignard (violoncello) - Maki Hirota, Benjamin Gatuzz, Alberto Stiffoni (violin) - Kirill Zwegintsow, Alexandra Sikorskaya (piano) and Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz conducted by Eckart Manke.
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Uttwil Master Classes - 2017 for piano, violin, viola, violoncello and chamber music - take place for the tenth time in Uttwil (Switzerland) from August 20th to 27th 2017 with  Brigitte Meyer (piano), Heime Müller (violin) and Emil Rovner (violoncello).
As correpetitors and as players in addition to the masters in concerts: Alla Ivanzhina, Stefan Veskovic, Christoph Schiller, viola (opening concert) and Hanna Weinmeister, violin (opening concert).
Uttwil at the Swiss side of Lake Constance is located between Romanshorn and Konstanz. In its past it has attracted many artists from all over Europe. Again and again cultural minds have gathered here. During the First World War, Carl Sternheim, Henry van de Velde, René Schickele and Annette Kolb found a safe haven for their creativity here. In the 1940s the "Villa Haab" has served as an important center for famous emigrated musicians.
It is a wonderful experience to be able to continue this tradition with the Uttwil Master Classes thanks to the generous involvement of the local church and community so that culture and art thrive once again in this beautiful place.
The Uttwil Master Classes are addressed to dedicated students of music, advanced non-professionals and an interested audience. Accommodation for participants is guaranteed while listeners may find more information on the homepage (cf. "